Mental Health …..also catching up on my own

Hey my lovers I’m back, I missed you guys so much. Their is a lot I would want to blog about today but for now we’ll talk about mental health. Mental health is really essential anyone can lock your body but they can’t lock your mind unless you give them that power to do so. Mental health is sometimes not detectable I’ll get into all of it with our today’s blog. 

Your mental health is important just as your body state. What I love most about everyone’s mental health? Most of the time it’s curable. Sometimes; we just don’t want to get rid of the toxins, change isn’t in our vocabulary, just isn’t our time yet, or just satisfied and comfortable with the toxin. I was there one point of time in my life where I was all of the above if I was still there I’ve wouldn’t never had this kind of courage telling you guys my story I will tell my story but that will be for a another time. I could tell you now that my mental health is calm now lately, it has been a lot going on so far but I am okay lovers I’ve been going out, a lot. I am all well. For right now it’s all about you lover it’s your time. Even if you think you don’t matter I’m here to let you know you do matter. I will write for you anyways because, even the people who are going to comment under my blog with bad energy probably has hurt from the within. Remember I am not here to judge, hurt, or harm anyone I’m here to let you know about yourself and you’re loved my many especially yourself and me I’m always here. In my way, you’re understood, heard, and cared for on my end. If you need to vent I’m here I am no professional in no therapeutic practice and asking no type of payment some people just need to vent some of all of what’s going on in their life and I’m here for you 100% of your way.

   The person who helped me the MOST through my depression is my family especially my awesome mother. I’ve been only living for 18 almost 19 I can tell God has blessed me tremendously with 3 sister one brother, and a beautiful hustler of a mother she is a big support system for me I Love her! 

Enough about me let’s get back to you. Your mental health is just about as important as you make it. I can be the guide, mentor, and ears to help you get to your better self, but you’ll have to take the  “leap of faith” , steps, or what I like to call it “pieces.” You are just putting yourself back together. I will be here through all of the stages. Thank you come again lovers new blogs are coming up Thank You so so so very much this is a dream come true.

Written and published by: Brianna Dorelien

New Blogger Welcome 🌸

Omg thank so much and Nova ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Everyone, Ms Brianna, over @urselflove, just published her first post here on WordPress! I’ve been privileged to assist her with her blogging and I wanted to ask if you all would give her a warm welcome. Her goal is to create a place of positivity and to help in anyway she can to those who pass by her blog. She’s getting a feel for the WP community, and I assured her that this was the best place for community support.

Would you please leave her some love in the comments? Thank you, loves!!

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Why is Self Love important?

  • Self love is important to everyone no matter what race, or where your from. Everyone needs to feel confident in the skin that they are in. especially the little ones. It is always important to teach your child about self confidence that’s for another blog, but for right now we’ll talk for everyone. Sometimes we’ll find ourselves in a dark place in or life whenever you might feel that it gets to out of hand, it’s okay to talk to someone about your problems I was there and so are millions of Americans. I am always here to help you and give you tips and guides how to build self worth, self love, and loving the skin you are in. It doesn’t matter who yo are a child, or just an average adult I am here to help all of my beautiful lovers. YESS! I will call my audience my lovers because vitamin-U is all I am into. First, i deeply want to thank you for reading this far into my blog,this is a dream come true for me. Well… back into it their are different kind of ways to invest into yourself. Investing into your self is a time process,getting some you time isn’t easy that is why with these simple steps you’ll be confident in no time. I call this 15-day love your self plan. It’ll take time but, just like any business if you want to succeeded you will have to put in the time and the effort. You are as average as you would want to be not as someone would make you to be. • Day #1: Take 10-15 minutes…… grab paper and pen and just write if you can’t find that.. that’s alright just grab your phone or laptop and write or type. Writing can relax the brain, when I started writing about my problems me writing in my journal or just typing into my notes to me it felt like I was talking to someone. In my opinion; it was big for me when I was going through just writing and typing was a breakthrough. • Day #2: Clean your room, apartment, or a backpack just something really simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s up to nobody standards it’s all up to your own. Just by cleaning it, it makes you feel good about yourself deeply inside. • Day #3: Even if you do it everyday shower or take a bubble bath, play some inspirational songs. Everyone has a different preference mine is 100% Beyonce and will never change haha!. What ever lift your spirits play it in the shower or sing it to yourself in the shower. • Day #4: You know you that book you promised to read and never did just take 15-30 minutes read the book and ask yourself what was it about? • Day # 5: Look into the mirror at anytime of the day or night and stand their for 5 minutes in the mirror and look into your eyes and “I Love You [your name].” just by you saying it yourself and basically all you need. If that’s not enough guess what lovers ……… I Love You. • Day #6: 3 minute meditation, do some yoga, when ever you’re available as well do seven minutes of walking and just play some inspiring podcasts or music while walking for seven minutes. • Day #7: Write type down 10 different things you love about yourself. • Day #8: Eat something healthy for breakfast and feel good about what yo ate for the whole day. • Day #9: Write or type down the biggest thing you’ve accomplished in life it doesn’t matter what it is. • Day #10: Spend 30 minutes no phone anything around you for 30 minutes alone by yourself to get to know yourself. • Day #11: Get rid of at least 5 things you do not use. • Day #12: Go to the store and buy you real flowers. • Day #13: Unfollow bad energy, if it isn’t serving you unfollow. • Day #14: Write down more things to do for yourself for more self love. • Day 15: Decide if you want to try it all over again. Charles Bukowski said “if only you had the ability to love yourself first” with these tools the love in your heart is limitless any questions contact me. Thank you until next time lovers’. Published by: Brianna Dorelien.